It All Starts With Land

Your undeveloped land can put money in your pocket - and provide the perfect spot for a beloved family home, for generations to come.

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Always On The Lookout For Land

At PATCO, we've made a concentrated effort to provide our customers with plenty of great places to build their new home. We're constantly on the lookout for land for new homes and communities. If you have land that you're considering a development on, please give us a call. Our team are experts on land acquisition and development. We dedicate our time to expanding and updating our knowledge of the State of Maine Subdivision Laws and Regulations. We can provide you with a free consultation as to the development possibilities of your parcel:
  • A subdivision that that has already been approved that you need to sell
  • Raw land that you'd like to sell
  • You're looking for a financial partner
  • You'd like to develop your land but have no experience or funding
  • You'd like an opinion on the value of your property
  • You have commercial property that you'd like to develop or sell

Mark Patterson
(207) 324-5574, Extension 111